A Guide to Medical Facials

Most people think of facials as something to get when they need a little extra pampering, or when they have a skin condition. Both spa and medical facials have great benefits for the skin, but patients should consider these factors when making the decision between the two.

Spa Facials vs. Medical Facials

When someone gets a spa facial, the results are fairly short-term. These procedures are meant more to soothe the skin than to provide lasting aesthetic benefits. Though they’re not as luxurious or relaxing, medical facials can address serious skin conditions that require medical dermatology methods. Here, dermatologists use prescription-strength ingredients and technologically advanced equipment. A medical facial may include treatments such as microdermabrasion, laser treatments and chemical peels.

Skin Analysis

The first step is a detailed discussion of the patient’s skin needs, followed be an in-depth analysis. Here, the dermatologist can get the hard facts they need to make the proper skin care recommendations.

Cleansing From the Inside Out

While spa facials claim to get rid of all the built-up dirt on a patient’s face, a medical facial treats the skin from the inside out. To start, the patient will receive a deep-cleansing pore treatment that allows the doctor to cleanse the skin while maintaining its natural moisture barrier.


Custom Treatments

A dermatologist can produce and combine products to formulate a custom regimen for each patient. The medical approach can cover conditions such as aging, melasma, rosacea and adult acne. Not only can a dermatologist provide the highest level of treatment, they can preserve the skin’s tone, type and texture.

Hydration and Toning

The end of a medical facial is perhaps the most important part. It starts with a toner that brings the skin back to its normal pH and gets it ready for skin type-specific moisturizers. To preserve the progress that’s been made, the dermatologist will recommend an SPF product that blocks the sun’s harmful effects.

While spa facials have significant relaxation benefits, there’s more to be said for medical-grade skin treatments. For more information on medical facials and other procedures, consult a certified provider or dermatologist today.